Pigs and Pinot 2014

Bonnie & Clyde. Chocolate & Peanut Butter. Batman & Robin.

History is full of great combos… matches made in heaven. Things/people that individually are great but put them together and BAM! Awesomeness!

Famous chef Charlie Palmer of The Healdsburg Hotel has been hosting a celebration for nine years now, honoring one of our favorite combos ever to cross our lips…


pigs n pinot - 01

Great wine. Great Pork. Amazing Chefs and Winemakers. Breathtaking venue. Fabulous décor (which we had something to do with…woot woot!) It was one of our favorite nights of the year!! We were thrilled to sponsor this event and our tastebuds will never be the same. Our favorite part? (besides the amazing food and wine of course) Getting to meet & greet all of the restaurant owners, chefs, and winemakers.

pigs n pinot - 02 pigs n pinot - 03 pigs n pinot - 04 pigs n pinot - 05 pigs n pinot - 06 pigs n pinot - 07 pigs n pinot - 08 pigs n pinot - 09 pigs n pinot - 10 pigs n pinot - 11 pigs n pinot - 12 pigs n pinot - 13

Mark your calendars for next year and buy your tickets early. This is definitely a sold-out, must-go experience!! CHEERS!

Special thanks to the super talented Mallory Miya Photography  for the amazing photos!

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