Party More and Spend Less

Who wants to party like its $19.99?

Who wants to throw an amazing party on a less-than an amazing budget??

Here are SIX money-saving tips that will get your party started right, without breaking the bank!!

party more and spend less

Do me a favor?

Party favors are great but unless you are having a party of one, their cost adds up fast. Keep it simple: choose one favor rather than a “goodie bag” of little gifts which can get expensive in a hurry. Refer to your theme or color scheme for ideas and shop the One Spot at Target or other bargain bins. Edible favors are always winners because who doesn’t love a lil’ treat for the ride home or the day after? Buy bulk candy in your party color and bag them yourself, tying with a personalized tag. Take it to the next level by baking a favorite batch of cookies, bars or other treat and send some handmade lovin’ from your oven home with your guests. Attach the recipe to the treat though… because you know you are going to get asked!!

2 favors

Be your own DJ!!

A week before your party, grab your computer or other fancy device and make a custom party mix or two for your special event. Are you music-library-challenged? Enlist a songbird friend to lend a hand and some tunes to your cause! Search google for party playlists to get ideas of crowd-pleasing songs that will have everyone out on the dance floor.

Be picky about your ingredients!!

If you’re on a budget, lobster and prime rib probably shouldn’t be your main course for 40 people!! So choose more inexpensive ingredients for the larger, main course and use the pricier items in smaller quantities like appetizers. So your guests might not get a full fresh lobster tail but how about a yummy lobster spread on a toasted baguette? Another tip: Take simple ingredients and display them in an amazing way like this awesome Bruschetta Bar

bruschetta bar money saving party ideas

Demand an RSVP!!

Well, nicely of course! A week or two before the event, check in with everyone you invited to get an accurate count of party-goers! No need to purchase food & supplies for 40 if only 25 are coming! Use or to easily track RSVP’s online.

rsvp money saving party ideas

Layer with caution!

Linen overlays are popular and can look amazing on your tables, however they will end up costing you almost DOUBLE! So instead of choosing a black linen underneath and a pink overlay, just choose one or the other or alternate and cover half of your tables in black and half in pink. And save the layering for your delicious mexican dip!

pink and black


Seriously, when your party-goers RSVP and ask “What can I bring?”, ask them to bring a favorite bottle of wine or beer to share! Alcohol can eat up your budget faster than hungry college students devour a pizza! So why not let your guests bring bottles and everyone can enjoy the variety, while your wallet enjoys a break!


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