Our Story

Encore Events Rentals is a premier events rental company, with three locations serving the greater Wine Country. We have showrooms and warehouses in Petaluma and Healdsburg in addition to a design studio in St. Helena.

Our professional and knowledgeable team has a passion for customer service. We stay current on the latest design trends and are eager to work with you to create the perfect look for your event. With design services on site and in our showrooms, our talented team goes above and beyond to make your vision become a reality.

We update and carefully maintain an extensive inventory to ensure that your next event is unique and beautiful.  Our one of a kind farm line is custom made in house by our skilled carpenter.  We also enjoy traveling every year to the best trade shows in search of new and quality items to offer our customers.

Encore Events Rentals offers flexible and reliable delivery service to Sonoma, Napa, and Marin Counties. From weddings to casual barbecues, corporate parties to winery events and more, Encore Events is dedicated to making your next event a smooth success.

Our warehouse and delivery crew truly care that your order arrives on time and in excellent condition. All orders are inspected and counted multiple times before leaving our warehouse and again on site. Our friendly staff is always in uniform and eager to help.

Team Encore is just that… a TEAM!  We are passionate about what we do and have fun doing it! We thrive because of our encouraging and cooperative atmosphere and celebrate our teamwork and group successes. Most importantly, Team Encore is here for YOU!  We look forward to meeting you soon!

Our Team

Bridget Doherty, Owner & President

Bridget’s family has been in the rental industry for 36 years! She knows that a successful business requires a healthy, thriving team. She loves how our group successes shine above all else. When she is not leading us to company greatness, you can find Bridget among friends, toasting with bubbles and enjoying the delicious food of a Bay Area restaurant! Bridget throws the best parties and loves helping others celebrate. Her guilty pleasure, cheese!

Happy Hour Drink: Champagne

Favorite Day: Thanksgiving

Tom McCallister, General Manager

With Encore Events since 2016

Tom is a welcome addition to the Encore team and offers 22 years of rental industry experience. He’s full of positive energy and a has a collaborative spirit. When he’s away from his professional duties as General Manager, Tom is spending quality time with his two daughters and wife. He can be caught enjoying sushi in his hometown of Petaluma or watching sports (Tom says he can’t live without his Bay Area teams, the SF Giants, 49ers, and Golden State Warriors).

Happy Hour Drink: Coors Light

Favorite Day: Christmas Day

Heather Nelson, Senior Account Manager

With Encore Events since 2012

Heather is our social butterfly. She thrives on meeting new people, connecting and developing a lasting relationship with vendors, partners, customers and co-workers. She has remarkable friend-making skills (and is one amazing hugger)!  When not working, Heather can be found enjoying her two adorable kiddos or chilling with any one of her vast plethora of freind’s!

Happy Hour Drink: Crown Royal and Sprite

Favorite Day: Black Friday

Shelly Gillean, Sales Manager

With Encore Events since 2010

Nobody knows our inventory like Shelly! She is a product wizard with an impeccable eye for detail. Her specialty: putting together a complicated tent order perfectly. She loves to see the order come to life and exceed the expectations of the customer! Shelly manages our Healdsburg location and is the organizational glue that holds our team together. On the weekends she loves to relax by the pool with friends or catch the action at the Sonoma Raceway. And she would rather not live without her phone or her dog!

Happy Hour drink: French 75

Favorite Day: May 25th, her birthday

Celeste Popadiuk, Designer/Senior Account Manager

With Encore Events since 2014

Celeste is an amazing addition to our team. With more than 35 years of experience designing and producing events, she is our resident guru. With impeccable taste, Celeste elevates our team’s design capabilities and offers a brilliant, one of a kind experience for our clients. When she isn’t utilizing her design superpowers, you can find her relaxing on the Mendocino Coast dreaming of a beach in Sydney, Australia where she called home for 20 years.

Happy Hour Drink: Her 6am cup of coffee

Favorite Day: The day when she wakes up 5lbs lighter than the day before, which is too rare for her taste

Kassie Korbus, Senior Event Specialist

With Encore Events since 2014

Kassie loves helping others celebrate the best days of their lives. Special family moments are her favorite! Combine that with her friendly smile and years of event experience and our customers can rest assure every detail of their order is in excellent hands. Two things she can’t live without are her dog and nail polish! Hidden talent? Vacationing. A beach lover at heart, Kassie’s imaginary private jet whisks her away to warm, tropical waters with her family by her side. But around Sonoma County you can find her blissfully happy enjoying her garden and a tasty bowl of pasta!

Happy Hour Drink: Miller High Life

Favorite Day: 4th of July

Jenna Marek, Event Specialist

With Encore Events since 2013

Jenna loves working with brides-to-be and watching their vision for their wedding become a reality. With more than 13 years of experience and an eye for creatively thinking outside of the box, she is a bride’s best friend. Her unexpected style is an asset to any event! A die-hard Hanson fan (you remember the song, MMM bop? Don’t you?), Jenna loves to follow them around the world on tour. However, she is also happy relaxing at home, listening to music and soaking up the beautiful scenery in Sonoma County.

Happy Hour Drink: Bloody Mary

Favorite Day: October 1st, her wedding anniversary and the beginning of fall

Kayla Gettys, Asst. Sales Manager

With Encore Events since 2014

Kayla is one of our event consultant rock stars and no stranger to the event industry. She has a wealth of knowledge about the wine country and what it takes to make your event fabulous. Kayla has organization superpowers, helping everything find its place and order and stay there! She is an avid reader and never leaves home without a book stashed in her purse. She has mad love for her awesome boyfriend and never misses a chance to visit her home state of Oregon.

Happy Hour Drink: Bubbly

Favorite Day: Christmas Day

Alisha Kellogg, Senior Event Specialist

With Encore Events since 2014

Alisha is a total sweetheart! Our customers love her endearing personality and ability to remain calm in the midst of craziness. Her positive outlook is contagious! Her favorite thing about her job? Being able to see an event come together, from the very beginning steps to the gorgeous photos at the end. Alisha loves the outdoors! She can be found summiting a mountain in the summer and boarding down one in the winter! 60’s music and a glass of Vino make her days even better, oh and a little chocolate is awesome too!

Happy Hour Drink: Dirty Martini shaken, not stirred, with an olive

Favorite Day: June 21st, Summer Solstice

Reneé Gibson, Event Specialist

With Encore Events since 2015

Reneé is local girl from Petaluma and a lover of event design! She says the best part of being an event consultant is beginning the design process while building her relationships with clients. Reneé also knows a thing or two about make-up! Even when she’s exploring a new hiking spot you won’t find her without at least, mascara! Travel has also become a big part of her life having recently adventured in Europe. Next on her list is seeing the Sagrada Família in Barcelona, Spain.

Happy Hour Drink: Vodka Tonic with lime

Favorite Day: Tie between Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving

Amy Onstad, Sales Assistant

With Encore Events since 2016

Amy, in her own words, is a “bright-eyed and bushy-tailed newbie” to the industry of events and weddings. Her favorite thing about her role as Sales Assistant is being a part of a strong and supportive team. Outside of working hard to support our sales team, Amy loves exploring the outdoors, hitting up thrift stores for fabulous finds and taking in the Bay Area’s panoramic views. If she had to call out one special skill she’s mastered it would be organizing closets (she also ‘owns’ driving a stick shift).

Happy Hour Drink: Raspberry Mojito

Favorite Day: Christmas Day

Hannah Oliva, Event Associate

With Encore Events since 2016

Hannah is a Sonoma native and Petaluma is her hometown. She’s enjoying her role as an Event Consultant for Encore but in her words she’s, “a Freshman to the events industry.” Hannah’s favorite part of her job is seeing her creative side flourish. When she’s not helping Encore clients you can bet she’s out enjoying time spent with her friends. Hannah has an affinity for all things chocolate and boasts that “sunbathing” could be her superpower!  One day she hopes to vacation in Greece but for now she’s happy with a camping trip amongst the “Redwoods.”

Happy Hour Drink: Lagunitas, Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale

Favorite Day: Thanksgiving

Alyssa Taylor, Account Manager

With Encore Events since 2016

Alyssa comes to Encore with a wealth of events industry experience and education and is a consultant who supports our company in the field. She’s a Sonoma County native and calls Santa Rosa home. Alyssa is a great problem solver and thrives in a creative environment. When she’s not working to make clients happy Alyssa enjoys spending quality time with her husband, family, and friends. Her joys include relaxing in her own backyard, indulging in good eats, and making people laugh! 

Happy Hour Drink: Maker’s Manhattan on the rocks or champs, the drier the better!

Favorite Day: Thanksgiving – the family, the food, and the crisp weather

Emily Landrum, Event Associate

With Encore Events since 2017

Emily is originally a SoCal girl with years of experience working in the wedding industry. She’s enjoying her role as an Event Associate and loves the vibrant group of women she works with on a daily basis (can’t say that we blame her). Emily has a mean sweet tooth and is crazy for the “great outdoors.” She likes to adventure with her husband through redwood trees and Occidental boasts her favorite, “Grove of the Redwoods.” When Emily isn’t walking amongst giant trees you may find her reading a good book or fantasizing about visiting Greece!

Happy Hour Drink: La Crema, Pinot Noir

Favorite Day: 4th of July

Janell Brown, Event Associate

With Encore Events since 2017

A local girl, Janell is new to the events industry. So far she’s flourished with a natural knack for design and loves contributing that talent into each event she works on.  Janell is a mother to two busy kids. When she’s not chasing them outside of work she’s still got a lot going on, like painting, sewing, and decorating…just to name a few! These things are what make her husband call her a “Super Crafter” with the ability to make anything out of almost nothing. Move over Martha Stewart!

Happy Hour Drink: Top shelf, “Old Fashioned” and Bubbly

Favorite Day: Halloween (because she loves making costumes and decorating, of course)

Kendall Burger, Marketing Manager

With Encore Events since 2015

Kendall joined us in early 2015 and with her brought nearly 20 years of professional experience. She specializes in digital marketing and advertising and keeps Encore up to date on all the latest digital marketing and social media trends. She’s full of energy and can always be caught smiling! In her personal life Kendall loves to entertain and create artisan cocktails for her guests. She’s always busy and known to pack her weekends full of fun extracurricular plans like sporting events, hiking, music and parties! But ask her what her very favorite thing to do is and she’ll say, “being amongst my family and my circle of longtime friends!”

Favorite Happy Hour Drink: Eagle Rare Manhattan; stirred, over rocks

Favorite Day: Any first day of vacation travel

John Buhagiar, Operations Manager

With Encore Events since 2014

John is a man who can do almost anything at Encore. He refers to himself as “Jack of All, Master of None.” If you ask John what his favorite thing is about his job he’ll tell you, “it’s the people and the variety of things to do around the warehouse.” John is always busy! But when it’s “quittin’ time” busy doesn’t end since he’ll either be building, gardening or cooking something around his house. His lovely wife and family are what’s most important in life and he enjoys being with them in his favorite place: Home.

Happy Hour Drink: Whatever is being offered

Favorite Day: Christmas holiday season

Brian Rankin, Warehouse Manager

With Encore Events since 2010

Brian is a long time member and valued manager on the Encore team. He hails from Seattle, Washington but loves living in the Bay Area. If he had to pick a favorite place it would be San Francisco. Speaking of favorites, Brian couldn’t live without his lovely wife or chocolate! When Brian isn’t making customers happy he’s working in his yard or showing off his “super powers” grilling meat on the BBQ!

Favorite Happy Hour Drink: Ice Cold Beer

Favorite Days: Warm summer nights

Brandon Shipman, Production Lead

With Encore Events since 2013

Brandon joined Encore back in 2013 and has always been a dedicated member of the team. He presently works as our Production Lead which he loves and says, “it allows for me to work with a variety of event industry people.” As much as Brandon enjoys the people he works with, he also enjoys some downtime by hiking or “garage sale hopping” with his wife. He feels privileged to have lived in some of the most beautiful areas of Sonoma County. He can’t see a day that he’d every want to leave. That doesn’t apply to vacations though, because he and his wife are bound for Mexico this year!

Happy Hour Drink: It depends (on how he wants to feel come the next morning)

Favorite Day: Many days from the spring and fall seasons

Tyler Doherty, Co-Owner & Vice President

With Encore Events since 2007

Tyler is the guy you want to know! His many years of experience in the rental industry combined with his laid back, friendly personality means that as his customer, you are in excellent hands! He is always inspiring our team to “make it happen” for our customers and go above and beyond what is expected. He is our equipment specialist. If you need to know how something works, ask this guy! An avid sports fan, Tyler lives for game day and celebrating with friends!! He recently got married at a castle in Ireland… does it get any more awesome than that?!!

Favorite Happy Hour Drink: Ice Cold Beer

Favorite Day: St. Patrick’s Day