Backyard Wedding Theme-Cocktails

A Spring Backyard Wedding | Cute Wedding Themes and Ideas

At Encore Events Rentals, we love backyard weddings. It gives us and our customers the opportunity to take a blank canvas and really make it come alive.

At this local backyard wedding, everybody did an amazing job at creating personalized and special touches that really helped to make the day unique.

All of these photos were taken by Jihan Cerda Photography, who always does an amazing job, so much that we also use her as our own personal photographer! Check out her portfolio over at

The cocktail area of the backyard wedding utilized the signature grey and white wedding colors accompanied by simple homegrown fresh yellow flowers. They also hung some of their own personal photographs for the guests to enjoy.

Backyard Wedding Theme-Cocktails

Our rustic bar top made another wedding appearance with a hand crafted sign to tell the guests about the specialty drinks for the day. This bar is perfect for any style of wedding and really makes an event come together.

Backyard Wedding Theme-Bar

Our galvanized tub (another popular item for those rustic styled weddings) was placed on top of some old-style crates for the guests to grab a bottle of water during the event. The metal basket to the left was used for guests to leave their plastic recycling. This was a super cute idea.

Backyard Wedding Theme-Water Station

The guest tables were arranged in a family-style set up with rows of tables placed under strings of festival lights. The arrangement encouraged interaction and it was a great way for guests to talk, meet and of course, share the great food!

Backyard Wedding Theme-Guest Tables

The event went for a simple and clean table arrangement, in keeping with the fresh spring feel of the event. Pewter grey linens with white chairs and plates and lighter grey napkins. The homegrown yellow flowers added just the right pop of color.

Backyard Wedding Theme-Tables

Lemons were used to support the name cards for each guest. It was a great way to pull in more color to the table and give the theme that hint of a fresh spring garden. The name cards rested upon our modern square plates with our Kya pattern flatware.

Backyard Wedding Theme-Close up

The beverage station was another inspired arrangement. Our clear beverage containers were used to hold fresh water garnished with lemon and our yellow ceramic containers were used for the fresh lemonade. The homemade signs were a great addition.

Backyard Wedding Theme-Bev Station

And last but not least, every wedding needs a dance floor! Here is our dance floor being used for the happy couples first dance.

Backyard Wedding Theme-dance floor

A wonderful day and a wonderful fresh and fragrant wedding. What a reminder to us all that spring is finally here!

Would you like us to help you plan your backyard wedding? Contact us now for style ideas and a friendly chat!

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