Summer Wedding for Cath & JD - 01

Beautiful Summer Wedding For Catherine and JD

It was hot. Seriously HOT!! Temperatures reached 105 degrees on the sweet Saturday Catherine & JD chose for their special day last June! But they didn’t mind because it made for a memorable story! It’s obvious from these pictures that these two are so in love that nothing could have ruined their day. Catherine & […]

Crispy Magic Buttercream Recipe

Crispy Magic Buttercream Frosting

Sometimes you just need a cupcake… A yummy, really good, moist & flavorful cupcake topped with an obnoxious amount of delicious frosting. Recently I had one of those days when just such a cupcake was needed.  I had a lone red velvet cake mix (Duncan Hines only please!) in my pantry and a bored toddler refusing […]

Orchard Chic Wedding - 01

Rustic Orchard Chic Wedding

Meet Katie & Rob! She is an Orthodontist in Novato and he is an Account Executive at Salesforce. This beautiful couple met and dated for a short time in 2007, but the timing wasn’t right. Five years passed before they reunited with a long distance relationship, falling deeply in love and getting engaged a year […]


Best Ever Homemade Granola

Sometimes you taste something yummy and you say “mmmmm, that is tasty!”

And then there are those times… usually when you least expect it, when you taste something and it makes you want to cuss. Because it’s that good.