Olympias Valley Estate Wedding

A beautiful farm in Petaluma was the perfect setting for this 1930’s inspired wedding. When Lindsay and Tyler got engaged, they knew they wanted to get married on her parent’s beautiful property. Lindsay is the Venue Manager for Olympia’s Valley and we were thrilled to provide the rentals for her special day. For more information […]

Pigs And Figs

Encore’s fabulous Business Development Manager, Heather Nelson, is joining us on the blog today to share all about PIGS AND FIGS!!! Intrigued? Take it away Heather….. This weekend, I had the awesome privilege of attending the first annual Pigs and Figs Festival at Quivira Vineyards  in Healdsburg. What a fun event that I got to […]

Halloween Table Design

Halloween Table Tricks

Some would say Halloween is all about the costume. Others would say its the candy. But at Encore… we say it’s all about the décor!

Our sales team transformed some of our showroom tables into black widow magic, bone-chilling glamour and Halloween happiness. By using simple tricks of adding spooky accents to specific Encore items the result will be all treat!


Venue Spotlight: Bloomfield Events

With the popularity of rustic-themed weddings still going strong, we are delighted to find another FABULOUS venue perfect for your next event. Bloomfield Events is a must see property with breathtaking views, a spacious, historic barn, organic gardens and luxurious cabins. Any type of large or small-scaled event would work well here. The sky’s the limit!

Cornbread Wars | The best cornbread in the world!

Cornbread Wars!

This week, some of our close friends from church were gathering for a Chili Potluck and I was asked to bring cornbread. So why not make three different mixes and have a taste test? CORNBREAD WARS!!

Fall CupCake Recipes

Sweet Treats for Fall

How much do we love Fall!!?? Even if the weather doesn’t always cooperate, there is no denying this season as we pass pumpkin patches and tempting aisles of delicious candy. With or without crisp nights and turning leaves, we still relish our pumpkin spice lattes!

Craft ideas, recipes and decorating tips flood our Pinterest and Facebook feeds. Armed with burlap, cinnamon sticks and cornucopias….We want to try them all!

Rustic Glamour Table Design

Rustic Glamour Table Design

As far as décor themes go, you can’t get more opposite than rustic and glamour. Both wildly popular but on opposite ends of the design spectrum. So what would happen if we combined both styles on one tablescape for our Petaluma showroom?