Rustic Shabby Chic Wedding

The Perfect Rustic Shabby Chic Wedding | The Mendocino Hill Event Center

The picturesque Mendocino Hill Event Center overlooks the Russian River Valley with stunning panoramic views of the surrounding vineyards and mountaintops. This cute venue exudes the perfect ambiance for a rustic shabby chic wedding and that is exactly what we were fortunate enough to provide our wedding rentals for. This magical day took place in […]

Della Fattoria table and menu

Della Fattoria | Events in Sonoma Country

Are you on the search for a unique and fun dining experience in Petaluma? Then you should undoubtedly check out this amazing event hosted at the Weber Family Ranch by Della Fattoria. Here is the link: The culmination of your closest friends, your favorite bottles of Sonoma County wine and a ravenous appetite are […]

Napkin Fold with Butterfly

Napkin Folds | Ideas For Table Design

The napkin fold. Some consider it like a magic trick, the inner workings of which are passed between the select few, leaving the rest of us fumbling and crumpling our way to frustration! NONSENSE! Napkin folds don’t need to be complex to look great and you won’t need a bachelor’s degree in origami to get […]

Cute and Simple Centerpieces | Create The Perfect Centerpiece

The perfect centerpiece completes a table design and can portray essence of an event. Knowing where to start with your centerpiece can be daunting, so here are some cute and simple centerpieces that we created for our events to give you some inspiration and help on your way. The Tree Stump Centerpiece   Here we […]